In 1971, John H. Willingham began searching for the best available method for cooking Bar-B-Que. Unsatisfied with what he found, he conceived the “W’ham Turbo Cooker Design” and began developing all purpose W’ham seasonings and the W’ham sauce. Then in 1982 John put his cooking method, seasoning and sauce to the test in Memphis in May International Bar-B-Que Festival. His team “The River City Rooters”, won named the “Overall World’s Bar-B-Que Grand Champion”. Again in 1984 John’s Ribs won 1st place and also “World’s Grand Champion” in the May Memphis event. The next year at the Kansas City American Royal Bar-B-Que contest John was awarded 1st place Lamb and you guessed it “Overall Grand Champion” John’s cooking, seasoning and sauce continue to win top awards every year!

No Brag……..Just Fact.